Sunday, September 12, 2010

To run or not to run

that is the question.  Yesterday I wanted to run 6 miles but because we only had one babino yesterday, the hubs suggested we take our oldest (Bug) out to breakfast just the three of us like old times.  Bug was so happy to just spend time with her mom and dad with no Monkey she agreed to just about everything.  We had a wonderful time and the hubs promised I could go running later in the afternoon.

Because the Ga Bulldogs is my second favorite college football team, I pushed my run back until 4.  Well at that time it was 99 degrees with it feeling somewhere around 110 (I made up the temperature but it was very hot) and when I started to feel my body get goose bumps while running, I cut it short and called it quits at 3.  Like my previous post said about just running for me, I wasn't upset or mad that I didn't finish the 6.  The hip felt fine throughout the whole run and I didn't even feel it when I got home.  SCORE ONE FOR ME!!!!!  My time was somewhere around 28 minutes but it was all good.

So I might or might not go for a 3 miler this afternoon.  I'm still deciding and will make up my mind somewhere around 7 tonight.  I'll definitely let everyone know.


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