Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Five

Another Friday is upon us.  This one came up quickly, I might add.  Even though I love shortened weeks, it throughs me off balance some.

Boy oh boy, did Auburn squeak through that game last night.  In my humble opinion, they should have lost that game, but thanks to the MS State Bulldogs not being able to catch the ball, the boys pulled out a win.  I'm hoping that they get their act together this week so when they take on the Clemson Tigers next week, we are looking better on both ends of the ball.

On to the Friday Five:

1.  A friend of mine is getting married next Friday, so this weekend we are throwing her a bachorolette party.  She requested a night of cards, so it's going to be a girl's night of cards.  We might hit a bar for two (or more) drinks after cards has been played.

2.  Just found out that my boss's wife is also training and will be running the Girl's Inc. Half Marathon in Panama City Beach.  We might be getting a room together so we can cut the costs of having to pay full price for a room.  Plus the hubby might come now that an old friend of his from his childhood might be coming also.  Should make for a fun weekend.

3.  PT went great today.  Second week of PT and I'm noticing less and less hip pain.  It could also be because I've cut my mileage nearly in half.  So far for this week I've only ran 6 miles and I'm not even upset about it.

4.  I start teaching spin again on the 23rd of this month.  I'm really excited and can't wait to sit down tonight to review my music and get my teaching plan in order. 

5.  I plan on running 6 miles in the morning.  I know my schedule calls for 7 but I think I'm just going to do 6.  I also don't plan on going for time but for me.  Just letting my body do what it wants and if I feel any pain whatsoever I will most definitely cut the run short and be happy with whatever miles I can get in.

Well that's that.  Five random facts that might interest you.  I'll be cheering for the Ga Bulldogs tomorrow and hoping they can pull a win out against South Carolina.  I'll also be silently cheering for Tennessee but I think the Ducks are going to win this one.  It's a great day for college football and I can't wait until 12 when kickoff begins.

Have a wonderful weekend and for those that are racing, I'll be checking back on Sunday for those race reports and awesome news of a PR.


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  1. I was all ready to leave you a nice comment until I got to that little bit about Tennessee... at least you ALMOST redeemed yourself when you said you think the ducks will win. :P I was thinking about you during the Auburn game. Do you get all stressed out when watching close games?

    Glad PT seems to be helping. Enjoy you run tomorrow... it's good to do "just for me" runs.