Monday, September 13, 2010

Might have been Dehydration

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that I wasn't feeling so well.  I honestly thought it was that time of the month because I felt crampy.  Finally at 9:15 I decided to take a nice hot bath to relax myself and then go to bed when I had to go to the bathroom and it hit me that I hadn't gone to the bathroom in several hours (From 2:30 until 9:15).  When I got out of the bathtub I made myself drink two huge waterbottles of water and even though I had to get up and pee more times last night than I cared to admit, I at least started to feel better.

As I was talking to the hubs about what I thought was the problem, we mentally went over Saturday and Sunday together.  I went and ran 3 miles in some terrible heat and even though I did have two water bottles of water with me, I didn't finish all of it and then I had a couple of adult beverages that night.  Now I did drink a powerade and a bottle of water yesterday but I also managed to drink a ton of Diet Pepsi.

I'm very good about drinking water at work because we have a fridge full of it but when I get home the only time I drink water is after I worked out.  I need to be better about drinking water at home just as I am at work.  Those cramps killed me last night, and I don't want to have to go through that again.  Luckily I figured out what was wrong and jumped on the problem quickly. 

Lesson learned this weekend: DRINK WATER!!!!!

Now on to this week's training schedule.  I didn't get up and go running this morning and from the feel of the weather this morning as I was getting the girls loaded into the car, I should have and mentally slapped myself for not getting up.  I'm so lazy sometimes.  I might, since my mom is coming to Bug's soccer practice this afternon, go for three miles while she practices.  Tomorrow I'm doing spin class and will be working on some of the weight machines to help my muscles out.  Wednesday I'm planning on 5 miles and Thursday I'm planning on somewhere around 4 to 5 miles.  Friday is my rest day and then on Saturday I'm hoping to just get out and run.  I think I'm just going to run for time.  See how far I can go in 1:30 and just work from there.

Bug has her first soccer game this Saturday and my granddad's suprise birthday party is that afternoon.  Friday (17th) my friend is getting married an hour from where I live so that means I have to get off at 4 to make it on time and Saturday night my boys in Blue play the Clemson Tigers.  It's a jammed pack weekend of non-stop fun and I'm so looking forward to it.  I'll probably be looking more towards Sunday for some relaxation but I do love packed weekends.

Thursday I have 30 days left until the Girl's Inc.Half.  I'm a little upset about the turn of events but I figure if I can just run for time and not miles (I'm going to take out the tempo and speed work for the time being) I feel I can make it across the finish line in 30 days.  I'm also going to take the approach that if I have to stop and walk, then so be it.  When I did 9 miles a couple of weeks back, I had to stop and walk for about 10 minutes and I still managed to run that in 1:30. 

I do have my 3rd half marathon in March 2011, so I will be able to better train for this one and not amp up the mileage without adding in the cross training better.  This injury has taught me a lot about myself and it's taught me to listen to my body.  Stopping and paying attention to what is going on has really helped me not to injure myself more than what is already done.  I'm excited for my next training cycle to begin, a week after the half, for a 15K that will be ran in November.  I've already got my game plan down in writing, so I'm not going to modify it much and add in some more cross training. 

Happy Running All.

Angela :)

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