Thursday, September 2, 2010

Physical Therapy

So this morning marked my first day of Physical Therapy for the ole hip problem.  He stretched it, then laughed at me when I couldn't stretch my leg up straight while laying down, then laughed again when I did calf stretches, then did heat therapy on it followed by  very, very cold therapy on it. He then slapped an antiflammatory pad on it and said he would see me again next week.  Great.

No really I enjoyed physical therapy this morning.  He told me that I could run this weekend, but to take it slow and to ice it immediately once I got done.  He told me that his worst clients are golfers and runners.  Imagine that.  I can understand a runner's point of view but golfers, not so sure I grasp.  But any who I go back next Wednesday and Friday for some more aggressive therapy so I can be running the half marathon on October 16.
Yesterday I went to the gym and rode the bike for 45 minutes for a total of 13.87 miles.  I have no clue how people do tris.  When I got off that bike after 45 minutes my legs felt like jello and I was so wobbly.  I just started laughing because I'm sure I looked funny trying to walk again.  It felt great to be back sweating but I did happen to stare at the treadmills wondering if a mile would kill me.  Luckily I wore my shoes that were over their miles just so I wouldn't step on the treadmill.  Score one for me.

As promised, I'll have my revised training schedule posted next week to hold me accountable for cross training.  Hopefully we will get my bike fixed this weekend so I can ride it on the open rode instead of at the gym.  I also plan on starting to lift some weights and will continue with the spin class and ab class.  That should be enough to help me not get injured again.

Have a lovely Thursday all and today mark's the first day of College Football.  Even though I'm not a South Carolina fan, I'll still be glued to the t.v. because it's the SEC baby and there's nothing better than the SEC!!!!

Angela :)

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  1. I don't know, Pac 10 football isn't too shabby. :) Hooray for college football though.