Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I feel my head is about to explode

and that wouldn't be good.  First I woke up yesterday with the beginning of a sore throat that only got worse as the day went on.  For it to be Monday (already a fail) and the sore throat, my day was starting to turn to poo. 

I did manage 3.57 miles yesterday and kept it down under 9 min/miles.  I was pretty stoked about that.  After I got home I made some of the biggest and best ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches (I used hamburger buns).  They were so delicious I probably could have eaten two but my waist line wouldn't have been happy.  I then got some clothes started in the wash and iced my hip down while watching the first half of the Saints/49ers game.  Finally I was able to get hubby's shorts into the dryer, took a shot of Nyquil and I was out for the night.

I knew that I wasn't going to be able to get up at 5:30 for spin because I always have that dizzy, woozy feeling in the mornings after I get up when I've taken Nyquil.  So I slept in but my throat was screaming at me it hurt so bad.  That's my only complaint about the changing of the season's.  I get the start of a cold.  Boo.

Second fail of the day was having no water at work.  We go to Sam's and stock up on water, drinks, food etc. for the office.  Well we ran out Friday and since the other secretary is still out sick, no one has been able to go.  I made it to a store (not Sam's) to get some water, drinks, and pop-tarts just so I could have breakfast and back to the office in probably 20 minutes.  I'm just that good. 

Third fail for the week, leaving my chicken noodle soup at home and also leaving my gym clothes for abs class at home.  I realized I left that at home after I dropped Monkey off and sure I could have gone back home to get them, but it would have made me late for work, so today I'll go to the park, eat my sandwich and a bag of chips and read my book.  Nothing like have a relaxing lunch break to try and calm me down.  Let's hope it works.


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