Monday, September 20, 2010


Here lately I've been failing miserably about trying to cross train and to get back out there and run.  Truth be told, I'm scared of reinjuring myself and don't want to go through that again.  I know, it's every runners nightmare to get an injury, get healed and then fear getting reinjured.

I did manage to get out the door yesterday afternoon.  I made the stupid mistake of going at 2:30.  My belly was still full from lunch (grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup).  It was crazy hot and after 30 minutes of running, I was FINISHED.  I was three miles from home and the only way to get back was to walk/run it home.  I did manage to get about 5 miles in but it took me like 50 something minutes to do it and I even had to stop at the convenience store to refill my water bottle, it was that crazy hot out there.

I had a long talk with myself over that time period yesterday and plan on doing something about it this week.  I also plan to start getting back up early in the morning and getting my run done then.  Today I failed miserably at getting up but with Bug's soccer practice this afternoon, I know I'll be able to squeeze in about 4 miles while she practices.  Tomorrow I'm definitely going to spin class because I have to teach my own this week, so I need to get back in the saddle and get my game face on about what I'm going to do.  Then my lunch break will be spent at the Y doing ab class.  Wednsday I'm shooting for 5 miles in the a.m, Thursday will have 3/4 on tap with abs class during my lunch break, then I'll teach an hour spin class.  Friday is my mandatory rest day and Saturday morning I'm getting up at a crazy hour to get in 10 miles.  Bug has her first soccer game so I need to be ready for that.

There you have it.  My schedule for the week.  I definitely need some help keeping me accountable and I'm definitely looking forward to the 10 mile run on Saturday.  Yesterday I had no major complaints from the left hip, so that's always good.  I'm actually not having any screaming from it now and I even forgot to ice it yesterday. 


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  1. I think it's normal to feel hesitant post-injury. Just know that you can do it if you ease back into it! good luck!