Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Review

Man this was a great weekend.  My cell phone only rang once yesterday and that was in the morning when my mom called to tell me she couldn't get the girls until this morning.  I finally had to see if the rest of the world was out there around 6:30 or so when I called my dad.  I usually talk to almost all members of my immediate family all throughout the day so it was kinda weird only getting one phone call yesterday.

Moving on, this morning my mom picked up the girls from my office and will be keeping them until Thursday.  I'm pretty stoked and will be happily going on a 5 mile run this evening when I get home from work without guilt that I hadn't seen my babies all day and worrying about them being at home while I'm out.  I get so guilty when I end up moving my running to the evenings because I just know I'm missing out on something that they are doing at the house.  They already go to daycare/school all day so that little time we have in the evenings is precious to me, so that's a huge reason as to why I run in the mornings.  The second biggest reason is the heat.

Yesterday I sat in the sun while the girls played in the kiddie pool.  It was a very relaxing Sunday.  I also got an hour's nap on the couch yesterday afternoon while Monkey napped.  I'm telling you, I would love to be recreating yesterday again today.

I also had a racing first for this weekend also.  Racing in the rain.  It was so much fun and I felt like a kid again.  The girls had a blast running around in the rain and splashing through puddles.  The hubs, well he was not so happy with me because, in his opinion, I made everyone come out in the rain to watch me run.  He's just pissed because I made him get off the computer and spend an hour with the family.  DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!

Anywho, this week's running schedule looks a little like this:
Monday - 5 miles
Tuesday - Spin; abs class
Wednesday - 6 miles with 4 being at an 8:09 pace
Thursday - 4 miles; abs class
Friday - REST
Saturday - 9 miles

Let's hope this week goes better than last week.  I really need to get out there and just run.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone.


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