Sunday, August 8, 2010

Run for Love 5K Race Report

Finally a race report after taking a month off from racing because there were no races remotely close to me.  I'll travel 30 minutes away for a 5K but no further than that.

Tonight's race was the Run for Love 5K that is held annually in Tifton, Georgia.  It's a night race.  The 5K begins 30 minutes after the fun mile, so if you want to get a good mile warm-up, that's the best way to go about doing.

Today was beautiful, sunny and hot.  That is until about 5:30 when I left my house to head to my mom's house and the heaven's opened and the rain poured.  Thinking that this is South Georgia we are talking about, this storm will pass, the sun will peek back out and all will be forgotten.

No such luck.  At 7:45 everyone was still standing around, under a small shelter, seeing if the race director was going to start the race or not.  Finally he calls for the mile race and all the participants line up.  While they race I'm in the process of loading my bag into DH's truck for him to hold out of the rain.  He complains that he doesn't want Bug to run in the 5K because he doesn't like the lightening.  Why don't they just call it, he complains.

Silly man, does he not know that as runners we will run in any kind of weather, no matter what.  Finally after 5 minutes past 8, they call for the 5K participants to line up and get ready.  The only thing that was said at the start line, "BE CAREFUL."  And we were off.

Mile 1 - 7:24
Mile 2 - 7:57
Mile 3 - 8:16
.13 - 7:29
Total Miles 3.13
Total time 24:34
Average Pace 7:52
Calories Burned: 318

During the first mile my headphones cut off on me.  I guess holding my MP3 player in my hand while I was running in the rain was not a smart idea.  That bummed me out because I had some really good songs lined up for this run.  I was a little ill about this.  As I was coming back to the 2 mile I ran passed my mom and Bug.  Bug was having shoulder problems, the same thing that plagued me in my early days of cross country in high school.  She stuck it out and finished in 36 minutes.  I was so proud of her. 

Overall it was a fun race, wet but fun.  I didn't care to much for the lightening but it never touched down and was really far away.  I told Bug that it was God taking our picture and that when we get to Heaven, we will get to see these pictures from this race.  She loved that idea.  She wasn't so scared of the weather after that.

I did come in first place for my age group, I had a friend get my award because it was late, raining, and way past the girls' bedtime. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday.  Can't wait to hear about everyone's races.


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