Friday, August 6, 2010

Goals for this weekend's race

Finally a race weekend is upon me.  I haven't ran in a race since June and I'm itching, itching I tell ya to get out there and race.  I love races.  I have two this month and then will not do any more racing until October 16 (which seems so far away still).

My goals for this weekend's race is not to die in the 110 heat.  Seriously this is an evening race and down here in South Georgia it might say 90 something degrees out there but the heat index is sitting somewhere around 108 or higher.  It's crazy and even when the sun goes down, the heat is still unbearable.  So my main goal is not to die.

My actual goal is to run this 5K in 23:30 or faster.  My PR at the moment is 23:44 and I just want to go 10 seconds faster.  I'm hoping to keep the pace in the 7:40's range. 

Bug and my mom are also racing in this race.  I've told Bug over and over that she needs to run this race just like she did the one in April.  Go at her own pace and do her own thing.  Just follow the crowd and not worry about anything.  I'm hoping the hubs will come and watch but if he doesn't then he is resigned to sitting at home with Monkey until we get back.  I'm pretty sure he's going to come because he does everything in his power to get out of watching the girls when he can.

Tomorrow I"m taking Bug back-to-school shopping.  My ex-stepdad (long story as to why he is still in our lives) brough Bug $100 to get some clothes.  It is a much needed help that I'm very grateful for and so we will be hitting up the sales racks looking for some jeans and shorts.  Maybe a nice pair of shoes.  Then we also need to get her back-to-school items such as paper, pencils, crayons, etc.  I have the list but have yet to start.  Slacker all the way to the end.

School starts back next Friday and Bug is beyond thrill.  She's in a new school this year.  We've graduated from Primary School to Elementary School, boy she is growing up.  I sometimes want to hit the slow down button but for the life of me I can't find it and she keeps on growing.  At least I still have Monkey who doesn't start school for another 2 years.

Have a wonderful Friday all and to those racing this weekend, be safe but have an awesome race.


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