Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bad Days

Boy, two posts in one day.  I haven't done this in a long time.

I'm not having the bad day but my hubby is surely having not just one bad day but two and in a row.  He puts in alarms.  He's been doing this for years.  Actually the first time I met him was when he was installing an alarm in my parent's house.  I actually didn't talk to him and he vaguely remembers my sister and I but he is only remembered in my household because he almost fell through the ceiling.  I was watching t.v. when all of a sudden I hear this loud boom and look up to see a crack in the ceiling.  He comes flying out of the attic to inspect the work and tells my mom that he is calling his boss right then to let them know and to send someone out to fix it.  No joke that was the first time I met him.

Fast forward about two or three years and I run into him again.  I went with a friend so she could meet her crush, she didn't want to go alone, and he was sitting in the front seat of the guy's truck.  We got to talking and exchanged numbers.  About a month later he calls and we go out on our first date.  I'm 18 at this time.  We get to talking about jobs and he mentions he puts in alarms.  I ask what company he works for because we have an ABC alarm in our house.  Lo and behold he tells me he remembers putting that system in because (1) he was trying to get through it fast because he was going to the beach once he finished and (2) it was the only house he almost fell through.  Imagine my surprise.

Okay that had nothing to do with my hubby's bad day but it gave you a back drop into my life.  He's still putting in alarms with the same company this many years later.  He's bascially the manager per se of the technicians and he gets to decide (sometimes) what jobs he's doing and what jobs the others are doing.  Well yesterday he had to go 2 hours out of town for work.  No problem, he makes this drive almost weekly.  The only thing different with yesterday was the secretary who gave him directions for a work order gave him the WRONG DIRECTIONS, sending him 30 minutes out of his way, when the job was actually right around the corner from where he was.  He was livid. 

Today since Bug was sick yesterday and didn't stop puking until 6:30 last night, I decided that it would be best if she not go to daycare until she went a full 24 hours without getting sick, so hubs offered to take her with him.  Cool, she could read and he could work since he only had one job today.  I call him at 11:15 and get no answer.  Mind you he has two cell phones and is not answering either of them.  By 12:15 I'm starting to worry because he always calls me back withint 10 minutes.  When he does call he's very mean and gruff with me on the phone.  I hang up and get settled to eat.  I finally have to call back because of how he was acting and he says its because of the frustrating job.

I just don't believe him.  Why is it that when MOMS have bad days we have to suck it up and let it go.  Put on a smile and act like nothing ever happened and when DADS have a bad day we hear about it for days, get yelled at for nothing, and treated like everything is our fault? 

Uggh, bad days are no fun.  Let's hope his mood improves before he gets home or at least before I get home.


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