Wednesday, August 11, 2010

School is almost back in session

Well down here in the south (South Georgia that is) school starts back for Bug on August 13.  That's Friday.  I'm happy that she's going back to school.  The thing I'm not happy with is the traffic that is going to start back up on Friday.  I live in a small town.  I love my small town.  I live behind the high school, so the high school track is in walking distance.  The bad side of living in a small town is that it is very overcrowded during school.  If you don't leave your house in enough time to get out, then it's a safe bet for you to go ahead and phone your boss that you  are going to be running late.  I'm always 10 minutes late for work during school time.

Last year Bug's school and Monkey's daycare were right across the street from each other.  Now that Bug has graduated to 3rd grade that means we are transferring to the elementary school and it is not across the street from Monkey's daycare.  The hubs wonders why I don't put Bug on the school bus and I just can't bring myself to do it when we live so close to the schools.  Plus kids can be so mean and I just don't want that for her.  Anywho, I'm already dreading Friday because of how CRAZY THE TRAFFIC IS GOING TO BE. 

Since this is my last night without my girls I'm planning on doing my tempo run this afternoon after work.  I brought all my gear with me (which is bascially a small suitcase) and will change at work and go down to the park and run on the paths there.  I told the hubby this morning that since I can, I'm going to run after work in a different place.  I know the routes in my town so well that it gets boring after a while.  I'm also trying a different route on Saturday's 9 miler.  Pretty stoked about that.

In other news, the pain that I was experiencing in my left leg has completely disappeared.  Could be because I stetched my leg out yesterday really well and also just did abs class.  Nothing else.  I let my leg rest.  Last night I did a little lite jumping up and down and didn't feel anything.  This morning I bounced out of bed and didn't feel anything.  Let's hope that whatever was the problem is long gone.

I'll fill everyone in on how this evening tempo run goes.  6 miles total with 4 miles at an 8:09 pace.  Go ahead and shot me now, I know if you don't the heat will. 

Have a wonderful Hump Day everyone!!!


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