Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let the madness begin

My official lunch break is not until 4:20is this afternoon because I'm meeting my mom and girls at Bug's new school for Open House.  I haven't seen the girls since Monday morning and I'm so excited to get to see them later today.  My mom told me this morning that Monkey's been asking where her mommy is and I almost lost it.  This is the longest that I've spent away from her since she was born in 2008.  Three nights/four days is tough.  I'm hoping that daycare tomorrow will not be a problem for her.  Shouldn't be, she loves it up there.

On to yesterday's tempo run.  As you recall, I had a 6 mile run with 4 miles at an 8:09 pace.  Let's just say that the first mile was the only thing close to a tempo run at an 8:01 pace.  It went straight to hell after that and fast.  It was hot, I was tired and the little bit of rain that came through made it muggy.  I actually stopped and walked for about 10 minutes.  I was miserable.  The pain in my shins is completely gone but now my left knee is hurting.  I'm thinking this is because of my shoes.  They are so past their prime that it is crazy that I'm still in them.  I trained for my first half, ran the first half and then did many other races and started training for this half in these same shoes.  Can you say their are expired.

I'm getting new shoes tomorrow.  I saw a pair at a local running store that I really want.  They are pretty pricey but I'm going to take the money out of my check before and deposit the rest and just get them.  My knees and hips will thank me later and so will the hubs when I'm not complaining.

This morning I had 4 miles on the ole running schedule.  My knee gave me a little trouble in the beginning but once it woke up I felt alright.  That is until I hit 2.5 miles, then it went straing to hell.  Not sure what really happened out there.  I guess I'm just in a running rut and am hoping that tomorrow's scheduled rest day will make Saturday's 9 miler go great. 

Tomorrow the craziness starts with back-to-school.  I'm not looking forward to it.  I've enjoyed being able to leave my house at 8 and still make it to work with 10 minutes to spare.  Now I'm going to have to leave at 7:45ish to even think about getting to work on time.  Headache is already starting and it's not even Friday yet.

Angela :)


  1. I bet it has been kind of crazy without your girls around. I'm sure they've missed you. I can't believe you guys are already starting school. I'm looking forward to school starting but at the same time have really enjoyed the freedom of a fairly open scheduled summer.

    I think new shoes will probably help you out a lot. What are you going to get? Maybe they'll help you out of your rut. I love getting new shoes... it keeps me motivated! The scheduled rest day will help to, Fridays are my favorite day because of it!

  2. I have asics at the moment, can't remember what kind but I'm thinking of getting another pair of Ascis. I really love them and really believe that this is what is causing me pain. A couple of years ago I kept getting shin splints and for the life of me could never figure out why. The shoes were new (well new as I never wore them much) but come to find out, Nike is not a good shoe for me and they were causing me pain.

    As for school, another school district has already been in school for a week now. Every year they start school earlier and earlier. Next year the kids will probably only get a month off instead of two.