Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Relaxing Tuesday

I don't exercise much on Tuesdays.  I usually do a 45 minute spin class and then a 30 minute ab class.  I use this as my rest/cross training day. About two weeks ago, I got out of my car and came down weird on my left leg and now I have a weird pain in that leg that I can usually shake out after a couple of minutes running.  That's the main reason my first mile seems so slow and I feel like a toddler here lately.  Well Beth over at Shut Up and Run is hosting just the perfect giveaway for something to help take the pain away.  It's the salonpas giveaway that I really would love to try.  Get over there and check it out.

This evening the hubs and I are going to go to the gym and he's going to show me how to use the weight machines and which ones would be good for me.  We never get to go to the gym together because they usually close the childwatch by the time we both get home from work and since both girls are with my mom, we are taking advantage of the evening and going.  I'm super stoked.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a funny tale or two to share.


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