Saturday, August 14, 2010

Long Run Love

This morning I had 9 miles on the ole training schedule.  For some reason at 4 the hubby woke me up putting Monkey in bed with me.  She has been up for an hour before he finally decided to just stick her in my bed.  Not sure what that was all about but I couldn't get back to sleep for an hour after that.  The alarm was set for 6:30 but at 4:30 I changed the time to 7 and get started a little later since Monkey was going to be sleeping later than usual.

Here's the low down of those 9 miles:

Mile 1 - 9:24
Mile 2 - 9:07
Mile 3 - 9:19
Mile 4 - 9:38
Mile 5 - 9:34
Mile 6 - 9:46
Mile 7 - 11:39
Mile 8 - 11:56
Mile 9 - 9:44
Total miles: 9
Total time: 1:30:08
Calories burned: 903

I ended up walking for 10 minutes around miles 7 and 8.  I figured I would probably walk faster than I was running and it gave me time to collect myself and my breath. 

Thank goodness I got the run done before it started raining.  It's been raining on and off all day so far and I'm so glad I didn't push my run back to later this afternoon like I was planning.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  For those that raced today, I hope that the wind was beneath your feet and you got the PR that you were striving for.



  1. great run! so glad you got it in....and glad your little bed friend didn't throw you off!

  2. Thanks. It really did turn out to be a great run and I even got in an ice bath and I'm finding that my legs really do love me after those because there is no pain later in the day. Awesomeness!!!!