Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feeling the Love

Well I wasn't able to get new shoes this weekend.  Long story short, we just didn't have the money for a pair, but you better believe that by the end of this month I'm going to have a new pair of running shoes.

On today's agenda I actually had four miles, but because I haven't ran since Wednesday afternoon, to let the hip stop hurting, I decided to try for 6 miles today in a pair of shoes that were not past their prime I just didn't really care for them to much. 

I'm happy to say that the hip doesn't really bother me unless I turn the wrong way and the knee and shin problems I was experiencing is completely gone.  So my ahh-ha moment was that my shoes were so outdated that my body told me way before I figured it out.

I was able to do the six miles that I wanted to.   My plan was to just run at a comfortable pace with no time in mind and no pace in mind.  Just really wanted to evaluate how I felt after the run and to be completely honest with everyone, I FELT AWESOME!!!!  Haven't felt that way after a run in a quite a while.

Here's the low down of my great run:

Mile 1 - 9:14
Mile 2 - 8:50
Mile 3 - 9:15
Mile 4 - 9:34
Mile 5 - 9:31
Mile 6 - 9:34
Total miles 6
Total time: 55:58
Calories burned: 609
Average pace: 9:20

I was not at all upset that it took me almost 56 minutes to complete this run, I was so blown away that I didn't have any aches and pains that I was pleased with the time frame in which I did this run in.  The only thing I wished I would have done a little different on this run, BRING WATER.  I set out not thinking I would need water but this morning it was like I was running through soup it was that humid out.

Bug and I are going to the Y outdoor pool tomorrow afternoon.  I'm contemplating on taking Monkey with us.  She likes to swim but its so hard to take her by myself because she thinks she's a big girl who knows how to swim and doesn't want to play in her float nor does she want me to hold her.  She likes to get in and out, in and out, about a thousand times and that can take a lot of you when it's just you.

I'll decided after Monkey's nap tomorrow if she should come to the pool with us or not.  I'm thinking I'm going to give in, but you just never know.

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