Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Review

Well Saturday's run was a bust.  All I can say is I'm not an afternoon runner, that's for sure.

Let me back up to the beginning of this wild weekend review.  Friday afternoon I had to get my sister's kids from their daycare, book it to my kids daycare centers and then book it home to get dinner for all these crazy kids.  My nephew, who is almost one, goes to bed sometime between 6:30 and 7.  Well by the time 7:15 rolled around he was cranky so I got him settled for the night and took the 2 two year olds outside to let them run around and get all their energy out.  So if your keeping count, I had a one year old, 2 two year olds and an eight year old.  Busy Buys let me tell you.

Saturday morning rolls around and little man decides to wake up at 6.  I was told that he would sleep until 7 or 7:30.  No such luck.  An hour later the toddlers come out and my day begins.

In order to keep the girls happy I set up the kiddie pool outside and let them splash around for an hour and then we head inside for lunch and I get them ready to take them over to my sister's house and wait for my dad to come and take over.

At 4:30 I'm relieved of my babysitting duties and head out for my 5 miles.  Here's the low down of that terrible run:

Mile 1 - 8:50 - Boy it's hot but I'm feeling good.
Mile 2 - 8:55 - Okay I'm going to swing by my car, take off the shirt and grab some water.  Reevaluate how I'm feeling and decide to continue on.
.29 - 9:22 - Bascially crawl back to the car and call it quits.
Total Miles - 2.29
Total Time: 20:32

Sunday I cleaned out my closet and got back ready for baby duty to wait for my sister to come home so I can go grocery shopping.  Sunday afternoon I realized how much I enjoy my TWO babies and sit in silence watching Monkey play with her baby.

This morning's run called for 4 miles.  After Saturday's performance I was ready to get back out there and prove that yes I can run.

Mile 1 - 9:01
Mile 2 - 8:49
Mile 3 - 8:43
Mile 4 - 8:36
Total miles - 4
Total time - 35:26
Average Pace - 8:47
Calories burned: 406

I was really happy with today's run and am looking forward to Wednesday's Tempo Run.

Here's what the rest of my week

Monday 4 miles - 35:26
Tuesday - Spin class/Abs class
Wednesday - 6 miles with 4 at 8:09 pace
Thursday - 3 miles/Abs class
Friday - REST
Saturday - 8 miles
Sunday - REST


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