Friday, July 23, 2010

My favorite day of the week

is Friday by far.  Not only is it the last working day of the week but I get to stay up later with my girls and we play video games or stay outside until the sun goes away.  It's marvelous.

Here's my Friday Five in no particular order with no particular theme.

1.  Tomorrow I have 5 miles on my schedule but because I'm watching my sister's kids tonight, please say a quick pray that I keep my sanity until my dad gets them tomorrow, I'm not exactly sure when I'll get that 5 miles in.  My nephew wakes up around 6:30 (my sister loves to tell me he sleeps in until 7:30 but I've yet to see that happen when he stays with me) and that's the time I usually get up to go running, I might have to wait until later in the afternoon to get it done. 

2.  I'm definitely playing Guitar Hero tonight after the little ones go to bed.  Bug and I love to play this together and the hubs love listenining to the music while he plays WOW on the computer.

3.  We are having friends over tomorrow night to play some cards.  I love playing poker and am really excited to play tomorrow night.  I'm taking everyone's money.

4.  My abs and arms are screaming at me but in a good screaming kind of way.  This week I was able to focus on a lot of core work and I'm hoping to incorporate it better into my routine.

5.  We had pancakes for dinner last night.  I found a new recipe online and boy were those pancakes pretty awesome.  I added vanilla to my batter.  I think next time I make them I'm going to add pecans to the mix and maybe some blueberrys.  Yum.

So there you have it, 5 bits of information that will possibly make your day brighter. 

Have a wonderful weekend and to all those racing (I have a 5k coming up in 2 weeks) I can't wait to hear the race reports.  I wish nothing but PR's on everyone.


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  1. hope you had a great weekend and found time for your 5 miles!