Thursday, July 15, 2010

All about food - Thursday's munching

Since I've decided to try (and keep in mind the key word is "try") to lose 5lbs, I've decided that I'll write out eveything I've eaten in order to keep a better track of just what I eat in order to help me lose these 5lbs.  I did Weight Watchers for about 6-months and then had Gestational Diabetes with my second baby, so tracking food is nothing new to me.  I find that if I post what I've eaten it helps keep me accountable of just what I eat.  If I snack on chocolate and peanut butter, then I'm going to post about it so the whole world (or my 7 wonderful bloggy members) know about it.

So today I had:

Breakfast: Mickie D's Bacon, Egg, and Cheese bagel (no sauce), hashbrown, and a medium Diet Coke.
Lunch: Chili with rice.  I add corn to mine so I did have some vegetables.  I probably ate about half of the small bowl I had it in.  I also ate about 10 crackers with it.  I heart Diet Coke and Pepsi (so that's my go to drink for all major meals).
Snack: 10 cherry Fruit Snacks (the bag has 30 servings, 10 servings are 80 calories)
Water: 8 bottles of water.
Dinner: One slice of pepperoni pizza
Snack: two snack size candy bars, a cupcake with a small amount of icing (I had to make some for Monkey's class tomorrow at daycare, so I sampled them to make sure they tasted good.)

I'll post this every day and try to get the calorie content and serving size, if I can get that, on here also.  I did this back when I started losing weight and had a Myspace page (I'm to cool for myspace now, I've moved over to Facebook).  It really helped keep me accountable and since I'm starting this today, I'll go ahead and post my weight and have a weekly weigh-in to see where I"m at.

This morning's weight was at 131.

Obviously I need to lose 6lbs according to this morning's weight.

I'm pretty excited about this new adventure and I'm excited to have all of you along for the ride.

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