Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Track Run

I can't believe what I'm about to type but I have been following the training plan I set up from Smart Coach over at Runner's World.  Crazy I know.  I'm only changing tomorrow's plan because the lady that teaches the spin class in the morning on Tuesday and Fridays is not going to be there so I'm taking that day as my rest day. 

Let's get to today's workout.  I now realize why I really disliked 800s back in my glory track days.  They are ROUGH.  My session called for 5 miles with a warm up, 3 800's in the 3:32 range, jog 400's in between and then a cool down. 

I did a 400 to warm up then stretched and grabbed some water.  I set up my watch before I got out there to lap every half mile so I could track my times better than last time. 

My first 800 was 3:36 (7:14 pace).  Not to shabby if I do say so myself.  Not that far off from the 3:32 I was suppose to run it at so I was pretty pleased with myself.  I then did a 400 jog to catch my breath and gear myself up for the next set.  (1 mile done so far).

Second 800 was 3:30 (7:01 pace).  I honestly have no clue where that speed came from.  I was dying by the time I got to the first 200 and was wondering how in the world I was going to make it two times around the tack.  It was brutal.  I then did another 400 jog to catch my breat and get some water.

Third 800 was 3:36 (7:14 pace).  How I ran the same pace I ran for the first 800 was beyond me.  I felt sluggish and thought I left my legs back at the start.  These things are a killer.  (The first 400 of this set marked the 2 mile marker)

Another 400 to cool down.  So all-in-all I only did 2.25 miles and guess what I'm not even upset about it.  I know I probably should have done 4x400s to warmup then did the 3x800s with the 400s in between and then probably 4x400s to cool down but honestly time got away from me. 

My friend has started walking in the evenings to help her lose weight.  She wants to be able to one day run with me, so I've decided to join her on these walks.  I wasn't going to go walking with her this evening because of the track workout but since I didn't get in my total miles, I've decided to go walking with her this evening and to try and make up some time.  I'll just jog down to her house (.45 miles from my house) walk about a mile with her, then jog home.

Tomorrow I'm doing either a 4 or 5 mile run (haven't done one it feels like in a long time and I'm really missing it) and then on Friday I'm taking it as a rest day.  Saturday I have 6 miles on my schedule.  I'm honestly enjoying this workout schedule.  I don't feel as though I'm just killing myself with running and with adding the walking in with my friend in the evening, helps keep me active when I feel I didn't push it hard enough.  Like yesterday.  Spin class was great but I just didn't feel that burn that I usually feel after I've ran a couple of miles so walking with her last night made me feel like I really did something yesterday.

I hope everyone has a happy Hump Day.

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