Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Track Day

So I know I said that I was going to go to the track yesterday afternoon, but at my household, we made last night cleanup night.  We got clothes started washing in the laundry room, the hubs swept and mopped the floors, the girls cleaned their rooms, and I cleaned up the kitchen and that even involved cleaning ouff the countertops and actually putting most of the dishes away.  Go me.

So this morning I did 3 miles at the track.  My goal was to run 400's and just stay consistent.  I don't have my complete times of each 400 because I would flat out sprint one, then jog, then sprint, then jog for a mile, repeat on the second mile.  Took a 2 to 3 minute break between each mile and on the third mile I just ran a mile.

I can give you the splits by miles though, so here they are:

Mile 1 - 7:50
Mile 2 - 8:27 (16:16 overall)
Mile 3 - 8:42 (24:58)
.01 - 8:51 (I just wanted to make sure I had a complete 3 miles under my belt)
Total miles 3.01
Total time - 25:04
Total calories burned - 304

Boy this was a very tough workout and one that I'm glad I did.  I'm starting to notice that I actually need to incorporate more speedwork into my runs.  I noticed on the last 400 (sprinting one) that my butt and thighs were jingling and it didn't make me happy.  I laughed because I thought it was funny to feel but not happy about having parts jingle.

So I'm switching up my training schedule and going to start using Hal Higgden's 10K training schedule for the 10.5K I have in August.  Not going to start the actual training for that until the middle of July and then I'm going to use his 15K training schedule.  After reviewing both of the training schedules, it has the cross training incorporated into it that I really need. 

Tomorrow I'm getting up and taking a nice (slow) 4 miler, then Thursday I'm going to go and ride the bikes at the gym or better yet, dig my bike out of the back yard and take it for a spin around the town.  Then Friday I'm RESTING and CARBO LOADING for Saturday's BIG RACE!!!  Which I'm stoked for. 

Have fun exercising today, if that is what's on your agenda.


  1. I love track workouts! I hate them while I'm doing them but always feel great afterwards for having done it. Great job with the 400's. Looks like you have a well planned out week.

  2. I'm glad you wrote about this....I need to do this more often. Do you keep your eye on the pace during your sprint or do you go by how hard you feel that you are working?

  3. This go around I went by how hard I felt while I was doing them. Boy was it a tough workout but I think it's going to become one of my favorite workouts. I was reviewing my new training schedule I'm going to use to train for my first ever 15K and it incorporates a lot of track work. I'm hoping it becomes easier, LOL!!!

  4. Awesome. Thanks for responding :-) I hope it gets easier as well!!!