Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun times

Here's a recap of my great weekend.

Saturday morning, amazingly enough I got up at 6:30 and took off.  Now I know I said I wanted to get 9 miles in but as I was running, I decided to just run an hour and see where it got me.  In that hour I was able to run 6.58 miles (I believe that's right, I'll double check Lil G when I get home).  I was pretty stoked with this run.  I took it slow and just really wanted to enjoy the run instead of trying to beat a time or set a distance.  It was nice to be able to just run.  That run was my last long run before the 12K race this Saturday.  After I got throug with the run I got the girls packed up, finished packing my stuff, and then I took the girls to my dad's house.  I was so sure Monkey was going to have a hard time with me leaving her with him, but she took to Pop-pop right away and I was able to sneak out.

Here's my stats from my 6.56 mile run on Saturday:

Mile 1 - 9:04
Mile 2 - 9:14
Mile 3 - 9:09
Mile 4 - 9:32
Mile 5 - 9:35
Mile 6 - 9:41 (Got stuck behind a garbage truck and it was the nastiest thing to be behind)
.56 - 5:36
Total Miles - 6.56
Total Time1:01:50
Total Calories Burned: 670

Once I got back to the house, the hubs and I put the Barbie Mustang in the truck and loaded up our stuff and we set off on our romantic weekend.  We first took the power wheels to a shop in Boston, GA to see if they can get it fixed, and then our weekend really started.

We finally get to Tallahassee and check into our room.  This place was nice.  this link will show what our room looked like I could have moved in and never left.  I quickly put on my bathing suit (the rain had finally stopped) and went and sat in the pool.  I brought my book, I'm hooked back on the Twilight series and read for quite a while.  When I finally looked up there were tons of people coming to get into the pool.

We went to the my favorite restaurant to eat.  This was the best meal I've had in quite sometime.  We then headed back to the hotel and I got in my sexy outfit and we hit the town.  It was a blast.

I love being able to get away but coming home was really great.  We picked the girls up from my dad's house and Monkey never left my side.  I would go to the bathroom and she thought I was leaving her again.  She had to come to.

On the exercise front for this week, I'm doing shorter runs.  Today I plan on getting over to the local highschool track and doing some sprint work, tomorrow I'm doing spin in the morning then in the evening I'm doing the Jillian Michael's fat blasting DVD, Wednesday I'm doing 4 miles, then Thursday back to the local highschool track for some speed work, Friday rest, Saturday RACE DAY.

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  1. Sometimes the best runs are those where you go out and run just to run. Good job getting away just the two of you... sounds like it was a fun time!