Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm sorry legs

Dear legs,

I know I've been pushing you hard for quite some time now.  I also know that you need a break and I promise today is my last run until Saturday morning.  I'm hoping that taking two days off from running will help take the knots and tightness out of you and leave you feeling ready to takle this 12K race on Saturday morning.  I blame nobody but myself for making you run 6.5 miles Saturday morning and then dancing the night away in heels Saturday night/Sunday morning.  It's not your fault your feeling this way, it's all mine and I'm sorry.  I hope you enjoy the next two days of light cardo and NO RUNNING!!!

Forever yours,

As you can see above, my legs were screaming at me in protest this morning when I started my 4 mile run.  My calf musles were yelling and my hamstrings were crying.  It was not an awesome run that I was hoping for.  I did the 4 miles somewhere in the 35 minute range (you can see my dailymile widget for the true update, I promise to have the breakdown posted this evening).  I also somehow didn't start my watch the minute I stepped out of my driveway, so I was basically running blind for about half a mile before I even realized it.  I should have just stayed in bed but I knew I would regret it later on.

So I pulled on my compression socks and wore long black slacks to work so I can wear them without feeling like a complete nerd.  My calves are singing songs of love to me right this very minute.  They are so happy and my legs are starting to feel better.  I think tonight after I get Monkey to bed and get the rest of the clothes folded I'm going to do some of my yoga DVD to get a really good stretch in.  I still plan on riding a bike tomorrow morning, just still not sure if its going to be at the gym or through the town.  I'll make up mind this evening.

Only 3 more days until I embark on a new racing mileage.  I'll post tomorrow my goals for this race, don't want to put them out just yet because with my legs feeling like they are going to give up any minute now, I'm just not sure if I want to post my HUGE goals only to fall flat.  I guess, though, having it out here helps keep me honest.

Angela :)

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