Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whiny Wednesday

I have decided to start adding themes to the day.  I haven't decided what all the days will be called but I already have Wednesday (hence the title to this post), Thursday (just like all the other awesome bloggers, it will be Thursday Three) and Friday is Friday Fives.  I will definitely be thinking on the Monday and Tuesday and will probably do one big post on Sunday for the whole weekend.

So I know begin with my Whiny Wednesday.

My biggest whine is my calves.  They are straight up killing me.  I have stretched them on and off today and they get better and then it starts to ache again after a while.  This is a bummer because I really want strong legs on Saturday.  So as my previous post stated I'm taking tomorrow and Friday off from running to let them rest.

I've also had back-to-back headaches.  I got one Monday afternoon and thought it was because I didn't drink the normal amount of caffiene in my DC (diet cokes) that I usually drink at lunch.  I only had one but I usually get two medium size cups if I'm eating out.  Well Monday I went to the park and brought a can with me.   Yesterday I went home to eat lunch and only had one DC then also.  At the same time I got a headache Monday and yesterday, like now.  I have another headache today and am so wishing for it to go away.  I really hate taking medicine for my headaches.  I like to rely on natural things or caffeine (can't be too picky).  

Also Monkey has been acting really snobby (crazy I know for a two year old to act this way) but she has.  Whenever we tell her "No" or "Don't touch that" or my personal favorite, "Leave it alone."  She gets very whiny, and usually breaks down into a screaming fit.  Yesterday when I went to pick her up from daycare she was crying.  The teacher, who is wonderful, had went to the bathroom right before I got there and bascially walked back in when I did noticed her crying (yes there was another teacher in the room but for some reason Monkey decided to silently cry, so no one knew she was crying).  Of course asking a 2 year what's wrong is like asking a your car, "Do you need an oil change?"  It's not going to answer you.  So I'm not sure if she is experiencing what I like to call "That time of the month" and is going through the emotional aspects of it at a very early age but this has got to give.  My nerves can only handle so much.

I also just found out that the hubs might have to work on Saturday.  I've called around to my two sisters-in-law and they both have plans and my sister might be able to watch them Saturday morning but it would mean she would have to get up very early to make it to my house in time for me to leave by 6:30.  I'm hoping the hubs can get this Saturday changed with another worker.  We also have family plans Saturday, so I'm hoping that will get him out of the running for working.  Keep everything you have crossed that I can find someone to watch the girls, even if its only Saturday morning while I go race.  I really, really want to run in this one because I've never raced a 12K before and this seems exciting.

So do you have anything that you would like to whine about or something that you need to get off your chest.  Leave your comments here.   Once their out, I bet you will feel tons better, I know I do.


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