Monday, June 14, 2010

Training schedules

I've tried many different training schedules.  When I trained for Snicker's Half I used this training schedule.  I really liked it and I did spin classes on my rest days. 

So with trying to add speedwork to my training, I've taken Smart Coach Program from Runner's World (who I'm copying from Laurie.  In order to get that 22:30 5K finish I'm hoping for.  I'm posting my workout schedule for this week (considering the race is next Saturday) I'm taking the hardcore approach.

Monday - Easy run - 2 miles at 9:23 pace
Tuesday - Spin class then weight machines
Wednesday - Speedwork - 5 miles total with warm up, 3x800 in 3:32 with 400 jogs, cool down)
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Spin class then weight machines
Saturday - 6 miles at 9:23 pace
Sunday - Rest

Seems easy enough and I'm really hoping I can hang on in the 800's at that time.

It's so hot outside.  It's 98 degrees outside right this minute.  I'm not sure if I'm going to make it through summer with heat like this. 

With all talk focused around the World Cup (which I did watch some of USA vs. England, yeah we tied, LOL) are you a big sports fan?  I'm not really into anything except college football.  More importantly Auburn College football.  I'm one of the biggest college football fans out there.  I turn on my t.v. to ESPN and watch College Game Day  while getting the house ready for friends and family to come over and watch football with us.  Most of our friends are Georgia Bulldog fans, so every year in November we through the biggest football party.  I, of course, make everything orange and blue.  The year that I was pregnant with Monkey I had a t-shirt made that said "I'm carrying an Auburn Tigerette."  I also had Bug a shirt made that said "I'm an Auburn Tigerette."  I put Bug's hair in pigtails and put a blue ribbon on one side and an orange ribbon on the other side.  (Sidenote, I'm typing this while at work, so be on the look out for an edited edition to come after I get home from work with pics.)

So what's your favorite sport, besides running, that you really like???

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  1. Thanks for the linkup! We're pretty big sports fans in our house. Definitely college football, we're Oregon Duck fans. I dress my girls up with yellow and green pigtails on game day. My husband is a huge soccer fan so we've been watching all the world cup matches we can. Good luck with your 800's!