Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tempo Wednesday

So this morning was my first scheduled tempo run.  I mapped out the route in my head the night before, gathered everything together on my bathroom counter and went to bed sometime around 10.  Had a hard time falling asleep because my mom had called an hour earlier and asked if we wanted to go to the beach with her.  Considering the fact that we have no idea how long the beaches are going to be pretty or safe, we go to the Gulf of Mexico beaches, I decided that the girls and I would leave with her on Saturday and hubby would come down Sunday or Monday.

Finally fall asleep after thinking all the details out and promptly wake up an hour before the alarm goes off.  Great, I so hate when that happens.  I finally get out of bed at 6, pop in the new contact lenses I'm trying and head out the door.  My scheduled called for 5 miles with 3 being at an 8:10 pace.  Okay should be no problem.

Mile 1 - 9:22 - Warmup mile
Mile 2 - 7:57 - I knew I started this mile way to fast and when I realized it, I slowed my pace down some.
Mile 3 - 8:07 - Almost on target, not to far off from the 8:10 I was suppose to hit it at.
Mile 4 - 8:10 - Right on target. 
Mile 5 - 9:41 - Cool down mile

Thoughts on tempo runs at the moment, TOUGH.  After a mile and half in to the tempo run, I really just wanted to quit but I told myself that I had to keep going and that it was almost over.  I have a feeling that as the weeks go on, I'll probably really enjoy these tempo runs because it allows me to run at the speeds I enjoy running at, but it also shows me that I really can hold that pace for a couple of miles.  I'll definitely be giving my view on tempo runs as the weeks progress.

I'm really looking forward to next week's run because I'll be down at St. George's Island and on Monday, my mom is going to go my 3 mile easy run.  I also have to get a speed workout while I'm there.  Can't wait to plan that route out.  I'll definitely have some pictures of my mom and I's Monday easy run.

Have a happy hump day.  The week is almost over and my vacation begins Friday at 5.  So looking forward to it.


  1. Good job! You are speedy!
    How do you know what pace for your tempo runs?

  2. I'm using a training schedule that I got from Runner's World. I want to run my next half in 1:50 and so I put that time in, gave how many weeks I want to train for, and it gave me all the times I need to be running each run at. So far, I think I like it but then again it's only week 1, I'll get back to you in about a month or so how I really feel.

  3. Great job on your tempo run! I'd have to say I'm pretty jealous about your trip to the beach and running with your mom. Sounds like a great time. Enjoy!

  4. Laurie, it was tough in a couple of spots. I'm really hoping that this whole, slow with a mix of speed will really help me. I'm pretty excited about next week also. I don't usually run with others, so I'm really looking forward to this.