Thursday, June 17, 2010

So excited

So I went ahead and bit the bullet and signed up for my 2nd half marathon.  It's October 16, 2010 in Panama City Beach, FL.  My mom's onboard to go down on the 15th and be my personal professional photographer for the day. 

I know it's early but I went ahead and found a training schedule that I think will work well for me and I'm going to start on it June 28.  Since I have a 5k next weekend, I didn't want to mess up the semi-training I have going for that.

I'm super stoked to get started on training for my next half marathon.  I'm also happy to announce that I'm going to be registering for my 3rd half for March 5, 2011 pretty soon.  It's the same one I ran this year so I'm pretty happy to get back out there with another half under my belt and will be better prepared on getting through these halves than I was at the beginning of this year.

Can't wait to start the training process. 

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