Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Friday

So glad it's Finally Friday.  Only one more work week and the hubs and I are on vacation.  Boy the days seem to drag by when you got something excited coming up. 

Yesterday I was telling Bug that we were all going to be on vaca soon and she said "You mean you aren't taking Monkey to daycare?"  Me, "No, she's going to stay home with us."  Her response, "Come on!"  Bug do you have problems with your sister that we need to discuss.  I understand she gets on your nerves sometimes, my little sister still gets on mine, but if she goes to daycare, you go to summer camp.  Simple as that.

Since it's Friday, here's my Friday five:

1.  Only two months left unti my favorite part of the year comes up.  COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON.  I live for this time of year and I'm super stoked for September 4.  I will probably talk the hubs into have a party just to mark the occassion.

2.  I pick at my fingers.  The hubs hates when he sees me doing this but honestly, I do not even realize I've been doing it until the damage is done.  He asked me once to quit and I told  him that if he quit smoking then I would quit picking, he's still smoking, so I'll let you guess what I'm still doing. 

3.  Even though I really did enjoy all the exercise I did on Wednesday, I think I overdid it so I've taken two days off to let my body recoup.  The only thing I've done is the 30 Day Shred.  I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's race.

4.  We have to help move my SIL next weekend and I'm already begging the hubs if I can stay home and watch the girls.  I hate moving, even myself, so I'm going to try to do everything in my power to get out of it.

5.  My mom's going to try to start coming over in the evenings to run/walk with me and Bug.  I'm really excited to have someone else to help train.  Bug's training for her next 5K begins next week and I'm hoping she'll be more excited to train than she has previously.

That's all I have for you this Friday.  Have a great weekend everyone and to all those that are racing, good luck this weekend, I can't wait to read all of the race reports on Monday.

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