Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Feeling the funk

Oh I think whatever Bug had over the weekend she transferred some to me.  She actually did transfer it from her to the hubs.  Poor guy was so sick last night.  The good news was my sister kept Bug and Monkey for me all day yesterday and then let them spend the night and kept them today for me.  So the hubs got to have a quiet evening at home and try to get to feeling better without any screaming from me or the kids.  It was nice.

This morning before my alarm went off I woke up to a stomach that was questionable.  I haven't actually gotten sick like Bug did but I haven't felt like myself either today, so I didn't go running.  Since today is National Running Day, I'm gonig to attempt 5 miles after I get the girls home and dinner cooked.  The 5 miles all depends on how my stomach is feeling once I get home. 

I'm so excited about this weekend.  Since I'm running in a 12K next weekend, I'm trading up my 11 miles that I was suppose to put in on Saturday morning and making it 9 miles instead.  Since the race is 7.5 miles (give or take a couple of ft.) I've decided that I really don't need the 11 mile run.  Then the hubs and I are dropping off the girls with my dad and heading out of town for the night to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.  I have a long, sappy, girlie post dedicated to the hubs on Friday since that is our official anniversary date.  Be prepared to wipe a couple of tears from those eyes, everyone, I know I will be.

Here's to hoping I can get out and kick these 5 miles in the butt this afternoon and if I don't then know that the weird stomach thing kicked my butt.

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  1. Hope the stomach issues didn't linger around and you got your run in. Sounds like you have an exciting weekend ahead of you. Congrats on the anniversary!