Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Track attempt

So yesterday in a "I need to get my run in" moment I decided to load up Monkey and head over to the local high school track. I figured it was late enough in the afternoon that no teenagers would be there and Monkey would be able to play on the football field. Bug was over at a friend's house, so I went over and told her that I was going to the high school track and we would be back shortly. I only wanted to do 3 miles, but work on speed with the miles. My plan was to run a mile, rest, try to pick up the pace on the 2nd mile, rest and then give it my all on the 3rd mile. Limp home and proceed to die in my living room.

Well here's what really happened:

Me: Monkey I'm going to run around the football field while you play on the field. Do not go out any of the gates.

Monkey: Okay.

Me: Drops keys, water bottle and camera on the field. Line up at the 1 (boy does this bring back track and field practice memories), start my watch and I'm off.

Only to have to stop because Monkey thought she was going to run the whole thing with me and then she started to cry because I was leaving her. Stop the watch and walk back to her explaining that I wanted her to play on the football field.

Monkey: Look mama I'm running.

So I get all my gear and head home. We did manage to walk a full lap around the track before leaving and I did get some great pictures. I'm going to figure out the posting of pictures tonight so this post will be edited this evening.

This morning I get up and get ready, which we all know I didn't get up on time, I rarely ever do, and head out. My goal was to run the three miles I was suppose to do yesterday. I figured I would get into a comfortable pace for 1.5 miles and then pick up the pace, to uncomfortable but not wanting to puke uncomfortable. And guess what I did. I ran three miles in 23:46. Hot damn I still have some speed in me after all. My goal for my next 5K was to run a 23:30, but after looking at last year's results in my age group, a 23:30 isn't going to get me anything so now I have a new goal of hitting 22:59. That would at least ensure that I get second place in my age group so doing 3 miles and working in some speed with them 2x a week is starting to improve my time.

I hope everyone has a great day and I just want to give a shout out to my newest member. Thanks for wanting to come over and read my ramblings, I so appreciate it.

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  1. Funny stuff! Great job on your speed work, I'm sure you will really see a difference in your race times!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, thought I'd return the favor. :)