Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well Bug isn't officially graduating from school but she is graduating from the 2nd grade to the 3rd grade.  Where oh where did my baby go. Me being the baby that I am, started to tear up when I dropped her off at school this morning.  We have been at this school for three years and now she's leaving.  I wonder if I will be this way when Monkey gets this far???  The whole class had on graduating caps and they entered the class room to the graduation song, my eyes started watering up right then and there.

Bug went through a lot this year.  We finally won the fight with the special education department and got her into the speech classes that she needed when she first started school, in pre-k.  She exceed in Reading in the CRCT test and her lowest grade on her report for the year was an 88.  She's one smart cookie.

On the running front, I did 5.42 miles this morning in 44:58.  The first mile and half was the hardest.  It took me a while to find my groove but once I did, it felt oh so comfortable.

Here are the stats from this morning's run:

Mile 1 - 8:24
Mile 2 - 8:12
Mile 3 - 8:20
Mile 4 - 8:15
Mile 5 - 8:16
.42 - 8:17
Total time: 44:58
Total Mile 5.42
Calories Burned: 554

When my watch beeped for the fourth time I was amazed that I only had a mile left.  Runs like that are so awesome.  They are easy peasy and it makes running really enjoyable.  The only problem I'm having now is my thighs.  They are very tight and sore.  I think, and I know shame on me, they are sore from yesterday's 3 mile speed work.  I didn't get to properly stretch like I like to after the run because I was already running late and had to jump in the shower.  I did manage to stretch some in the shower but I was limited in how much movement I could do.

Anywho, I'll be doing another 3 miles speed work in the morning then taking Friday off as a rest day to gear myself up for my 10 miler on Saturday.  For some reason these are tough miles for me and come hell or high water, I'm running these 10 miles Saturday morning.

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