Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rock Ur Socks 10K Virtual Race Report

So after discussing with myself when would be the best time to do this run, I decided at 6:30 Saturday morning to get up and just go ahead and get it over with. Bug had her 8th birthday skating party later in the afternoon and I knew I wouldn't want to do it after that and Sunday's are reserved as my rest days, so Saturday morning was the best time for me to do it.

I dragged myself out of bed at 6:40, got dressed (didn't rock the socks because I only wear "no show" socks and I couldn't find a pair that I liked to rock, believe me I looked all week), and the minute I turned off the kitchen light and head to the door, I hear Monkey's fan. You guessed it, she got up an hour earlier than she normally does. I get her settled into the bed with the hubs and a glass of milk, turn on the t.v. and head out the door.

I knew that I had 8 miles on my running schedule for today, so I did a warm-up mile at 8:32 pace. I then reset the watch and take off. Here's the stats from my 10K:

Mile 1 - 8:06
Mile 2 - 8:17
Mile 3 - 8:42
Mile 4 - 9:18
Mile 5 - 9:18
Mile 6 - 9:14
.20 - 8:31
Miles total - 6.2
Calories burned - 632

I then do a cool down .86 mile at 9:11 pace (I struggled with that). So all-in-all I did 8 miles, but that's not what's important.

The first 5K I was holding pretty steady, I hit the turn around at 3.1 took a Hammer tropical gel (which was awesome) and I think with the Emergen C that I took before I left the house and the gel, miles 4 and 5 were my toughest. I honestly didn't know how I was going to get home or if I was even going to make it but then all of a sudden the caffeine from the gel hit and I felt myself get faster, not super fast but I could tell I wasn't feeling as sluggish anymore.

The race was a huge success because I did get to PR and now I have a goal to work towards in August when I do another 10.5K race. Thanks to TMB Racing with Babes for putting on an awesome virtual race. I had a blast.

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