Friday, May 21, 2010

A first

Tomorrow I'm participating in my first ever virtual race. I'm happy to say that I've come up with a game plan on how all this is going to go down. I plan on getting up somewhere around the time of 6:30 or so. My destination is 3.1 miles out and then you guessed, those same 3.1 miles back. So I guess you can say I'm doing an out and back race. I will take a gel (Hammer gel, probably tropical flavor) at the half-way mark. I haven't planned the outfit just yet but I have something fantastic in mind. I'm pretty stoked about this whole virtual race. Tonight's dinner is spagetti from my favorite local Italian place. Yummy, my stomach is aching for it right now.

I plan on doing my new Yoga video tonight after Monkey goes to bed. Bug is having a friend spend the night. Her 8th birthday party, with her friends, is tomorrow and we are going skating. So I'm going to have a pretty busy day with the race and then skating. My compression socks are going to come in handy tomorrow night.

Considering I have no time for the 10K race yet, this is definitely looking to be a PR kinda weekend. This time will be the time I strive to beat in August when I run in the local 10.5K. Super stocked to finally have a time to work to. But considering I ran 6 miles last weekend in 52 minutes, my goal is to run it in 51:59, ha. My schedule calls for 8, so I'm going to do a warm-up mile, race pace for the 6.2, and then have a cool down run.

I hope everyone who is running tomorrow has awesome races.

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