Monday, May 3, 2010

Rainy day Monday

Well I knew that I should have gotten up early this morning and did my 3 miles because at 4:30 the heavens opened up and it has been raining ever since. I thought about going to the gym and doing my 3 miles but I just didn't even feel like going once I got home.

So I'm going to do spin in the morning, dip out of there early and run my three miles. It usually only takes me about 25 minutes or so to do 3 miles, so if I leave spin by 6:20 I should be able to make it back home (I live about 2 minutes from my gym). That's my goal anyways, to do my 45 minute spin class and then do my 3 miles. I will just have to make up my weights on a different day (maybe Thursday).

Ugghh, the rain totally killed my day.

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