Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh my poor achy legs.

So I ran 3.3 miles this morning. I didn't mean to run that much, I was only out trying to figure out a route to take for the Rock Ur Socks 10K this Saturday. I knew the minute I missed up but I was already traveling down the road, so I continued on. I'm hoping to have a plan of attack for this 10k come Saturday morning.

I'll post my stats from the run this evening once I get home from work and get the girls into bed.

My new Yoga DVD came yesterday but not without some drama. I have all my packages delivered to my office because I do not want Fedx or UPS leaving packages on my front porch at home. This DVD was no different. When I clicked on the button to have it shipped somewhere other than the billing address it never asked if it was a residence or business. I never thought to put that it was a workplace so I just stuck in my work's address and left it up to Fedx to get it to me when promised. Ground delivers at my office around 3, so when 3 rolled around yesterday and no Fedx I just figured they were running behind. When 5 rolled around and still no truck, I got worried. I called Fedx to inquiry about their hours to find that because they thought it was a home address, they had until 8 to deliver it. For real, 8 at night, that's just insane. So I told her to please let the driver know that it was a business and that no one would be here after 5:30. After Bug's (C) program at church, I check my email to find that they had delivered it and left it on the front porch. WHAT!!!! The area I work in is not the best place to work because of the homeless people that wonder around during the day but mostly at night. I jumped in the car, stick Monkey (K) into the car seat and off we come to make sure my package wasn't sitting on the porch. You guessed it, it wasn't. I guess the delivery man stuck it in our mail slot and I found it on my desk this morning. I can finally wipe the sweat off of my brow and get to work on Yoga posses tomorrow night. Yeah.

Bug has graduated from Sparks (Awana at church) to TNT last night. I can't believe that she will be in elementary school next year, a 3rd grader. I'm sad but happy at the same time. It's a weird mix of emotions. Life, goes by way too quickly.

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