Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday's Speed Work

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Since I don't have my watch with me, I've linked my garmin connect page to show the stats from yesterday's run. As per my usual, I started out way too fast and knew it when I looked at my watch and saw 6:48. I quickly slowed down my pace to something I was comfortable with and just went with it. I'm attempting to get over to my local high school's track to do some actual speed work but until school is completely done with, the field is bustling with teenagers and teenagers in this day and age are not the nicest people so I really don't want to be out there with them.

On a different note, I came home and washed two sink full of dishes, folded three baskets of clothes, washed three loads of laundry and still managed to get a run in. Am I bad or what???? I told the hubs last night that he better not complain that I didn't do anything yesterday. When I got home he was laid out on the couch watching t.v. After my run and while getting the littlest one into the tub and ready for bed, he moved from the couch to the computer. I wish I could do things like that sometimes.

Well on today's exercise front, I'm planning on looking for my Yoga DVD and doing 30 minutes of it.

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