Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How fast can you go

Since I had to go to Walmart last night, what a nightmare that was, I didn't get home in time to go do my run, so I planned it for this morning.

I got up at 6:15 and set up Lil G to a quick workout. I programmed 3 miles in 25:30 and then took off. I really wanted to get a feel of how the virtual partner worked on the watch. I don't have all of my stats from the run but I do know I stayed in the low 8's for pretty much the whole run and that I actually didn't slow down during the end of the 2nd mile like I usually do. I really enjoyed the run and as I hit my driveway the watch beeped at me and said, "You Won." Woo-hoo I beat Lil G. Running nerdiness at its finest.

On schedule for tomorrow is 4 miles. I'm planning on getting up around 6 so I don't have to run far in the dark. I also have a new course I want to take to see if it comes out to 4 miles instead of running two miles and then turning around.

Today is C's birthday and somewhere along the way she became an 8-year old. I am a little sad that's she no longer a little girl but become a very mature young lady. As I was cruising the birthday cards last night trying to pick one out for her, I realized that she wouldn't really want a babyish card nor would a big 8 card do for her. I don't see her as an 8 year old but still my baby and I guess I always will. She'll be a teenager in just 5 short years and that really scares me. Man oh man, the saying "they grow up so fast" is one of the truest statements I have ever heard.


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