Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost there

This week has been creeping by but it hasn't at the same time. Weird I know. I'm officially a running nerd. I knew it when I got really, really excited about my Garmin but it came to a head yesterday when I ordered a subscription to Runner's World. I'm already a member of the Georgia Runner's Program and decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and get Runner's World. When did I become a runner????

I did get up and do my 4 miles this morning. Oh the bed screamed at me to come back and curl up. My head said you can do them this afternoon, but in my heart of hearts I knew that I needed to get up and get them done or it wouldn't have happened. I did a semi-new route today. Most of it was on what I normally run but I did go down a different road and it didn't quite come out to the two miles I thought it was going to be so I ran down about half of a mile and then turned around. I actually ended up running almost 4 1/2 miles today because of it but it didn't bother me at all. Since I didn't bring my watch to get my information, I'll post both of my runs on here this evening.

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