Friday, May 28, 2010

How could I not

go for my run yesterday.  On my lunch break yesterday I went to Payless to see if I could find Monkey some tennis shoes.  The girl has been needing her own pair of tennis shoes for some time now.  She's been wearing hand-me-downs from my niece who is seven months and one day older than Monkey.

I get home, pull the shoes out of the bag and proceed to put them on Monkey's feet.  Well she didn't like the fact that they tied, she's been putting her own shoes on her feet and with these she definitely needs help, and so as I was putting her other shoe on her foot, she screamed no at me and proceeded to kick me with the other shoe.  These are not soft baby shoes, these jokers hurt.  So I popped her on the leg, grabbed the shoes up off the floor and went to the bedroom where I wiped the tears off of my chin and changed my clothes.  The hubs asked me when I finally came back into the kitchen what happened.  Monkey is a very sweet child, WHEN SHE WANTS TO BE.

So, after that I was a little frustrated so when 8 p.m. rolled around, I laced up and went out.  Letting my feet pound the pavement felt so great and I was able to run on a couple of trails that I've been wanting to run on now for a while.  Even though I had to run them 3 times to get a full mile out of it, it was definitely worth it.  I did manage to run 3.20 miles in 26 minutes.  I wasn't out there for speed, I was out there to get rid of the frustration that was creeping up.  When I got home, Monkey joined me outside for stretching and we had a good time outside.

So while the means of getting me out the door were not what I thought they would be, I did get out there for my 3 miles on my schedule. Tomorrow I'm tackling 10 miles, I really can't wait.

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