Sunday, May 9, 2010

Boy what a day

So I was a bad girl yesterday and didn't get up early to run my 5 miles. I should have because when I did finally get out there and run, it was brutal.

Here's the low down:

Mile 1 - 8:20
Mile 2 - 8:59
Mile 3 - 9:57
Mile 4 - 11:40 (Had to stop and walk twice)
Mile 5 - 11:36
.19 - 9:28
Total miles 5.19
Calories burned: 526

It was hot and humid. I thought I was going to get sick at one point and had to stop and let the moment pass. I don't plan on letting my runs in the mornings get away from me again.

For my overall week of exercise I did: 13.5 miles, 45 minutes of spin and 10 minutes of weights. I also mowed the grass today so that is also counted in my exercise.

I hope all the mommy's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day.

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