Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tire problems

Right after Easter I took the hubs truck to get New (insert used tires here) tires on his truck. I told the guy when I left it that I need four tires and for them to be balanced. When I went to pay for it and pickup the truck, I figured that since I just spent $135 on tires that they balanced them. Well last weekend on our way to Auburn, the hubs and I both noticed that the truck was not giving us a smooth ride. DH said that we were just to spoiled by me-mee's truck because it rides smoother than his truck and we always use her car on long trips. So yesterday I took it back to the place and the guy who worked on it before took one look at my ticket after I explained the problem, and said "We did not balance the tires for you." Shock ensued because I specifically told you, twice I might add, to balance the tires. So I left it up there again yesterday and they balanced and luckily enough because it had not been 30 days, they fixed a tire that was beginning to separate. Lucky us.

Well Saturday afternoon DH asked me if I had noticed that my driver's side back tire was going flat. If I had noticed it, I would have said something, don't cha think. Well come to find out, there was a nail in it, so DH changed out the tire, put on the doughnut and then insisted to tell me "do not drive over 55 with that spare tire on it." Thanks honey for the consistent reminder but I've driven with a spare before I know how it works. Luckily the guy I use for flat tires was not busy this morning, fixed my tire and only charged me $8 for it.

Let's hope our tire problems are fixed and we won't be having any more problems out of them for a while.

Yesterday I went to the gym and ran a 5K on the treadmill. Not what I had in mind but because I thought it was going to rain I took the run inside. The first mile I ran an 8:57 pace, the second mile I upped it to an 8:41 pace, then thinking I was going to go for 4 miles (cut it short) I lowered the pace back down to 8:57 and then when I decided to only do a 5k I pushed it up to 8:34 for the .10. Overall it took me 27:21 to do it. Not a great time by any means but it felt good to run fast.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to get outside for at least 5 miles today. I have a 5K next Saturday morning, where I will be leaving the girls and the hubs at home and traveling about 30 minutes out of my hometown for this run. It starts at 8, so I should be back home around 10 or so. I'm definitely staying for a medal and I'm hoping to beat my previous 5K time of 23:56 with at least a time of 23:30.

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