Monday, April 12, 2010

This past weekend

Was truly great. Saturday morning the hubs, kids, and I set out go to the Darton Go Global 5k. My sister was going to be running in my mom's place to help keep an eye on C. Hubs's little sister was coming down to help watch the three little babies.

The race started at 9, so we all lined up and listened to the directions of the course. The horn was blown and we were off. I found a girl, who looked like she was running at my pace. I kept her in my sights and right before we hit the 1 mile marker I passed her. I was also running at 7:00 minute pace when I hit the marker also. I usually only run an 8 or 9 minute pace. Well she caught me when we hit the first loop, so we ran together and talked some. I passed the hubs and kids and waved to them as I ran by. It was great seeing him while I was out running. As we were hitting the 2nd mile, I slowed some and the girl got away from me. I ended up finishing the race in 17th place with a time of 23:56. Heck yeah I was so excited when I saw the time. I felt like I could go another lap, if needed, to but was very excited that it was over.

I talked to DH while we waited for C to come around the curve to finish the race and once I saw her I ran with her to help her finish the race. She finished it in 31:XX minutes. Dang that girl is so good.

We got her some water and then waited on sister to finish. I finally saw her crossing the line just as we were walking back to the finish line, so I yelled from where I was standing. She finished in 36:XX. For her first 5K she did amazing. Not sure if she will do another one, but I was smiling from ear-to-ear that she did it.

C and I both won 1st place in our age groups. I'm not trying to decide which race I want to do next: April 30 or May 1. One is on a Friday night and the other is on Saturday morning.

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