Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't you just love

friends who will push you. I recently found a long-time friend on Facebook. He is training to the Ironman in New Orleans this weekend. How freaking cool is that!!!! When I said I was thinking about doing the Girl's Inc. half in P.C. Beach, his response, "Do it!" So I'm almost 99.9% sure I'm going to do it. Ever since I did the half in March, I'm really wanting to do another one and since I improved on my time in the 5k, I'm hoping to improve on my time in the half.

I didn't get to do my Monday evening run because I was watching my sister's babies. Didn't need to get a workout with them there because with two 2 year olds, one 7 month old, and a 7 year old, I was getting a pretty good workout keeping them from going into destroy mode. Once K hits the backdoor at the house the very first words out of her very cute mouth is "canny" or "hungy." She's an eating machine. So I gave her a banana and since EJ (niece) was there, she got one to. Then they proceeded to see how much canny (candy) they could find to eat. It was craziness. Sis finally shows up like 25 minutes after we got home.

I plan on going for an easy 5 mile run this evening, 5 miles tomorrow evening, and 5 miles Thursday. The reason for so many 5 mile runs is that I'm trying to work on getting 10 miles down and when I break up the distance during the week, it makes it easy to do it on Saturday. Plus this Saturday we are going to A-Day so I'm not 100% sure I will be able to get my long run in. I'm planning on getting up around 6:45 and doing it then. We shall see.

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