Thursday, April 15, 2010


or lack thereof seems to be my attitude for exercising this week. I actually did run on Tuesday afternoon. I did 5 miles in 45:12. Not to shabby, that's a 9:02/mile pace. I was pretty happy about the run and felt great afterwards. Well I was planning on doing 5 miles Wednesday afternoon, but since I had to pick up my niece and nephew, I thought I would do it on my lunch break. For some reason my ankle started acting up again yesterday, so I took my lunch break to the park and sat in the sun for an hour. It was pure bliss. I love those types of lunch breaks.

So I'm planning on doing 5 this evening after I get the hubs dinner going. I'm hoping to do it in the same time as Tuesday night, fingers crossed.

On a different note, I purchased the Jogger this past Saturday. What is the Jogger you say? Well it's pepper spray designed to keep you feeling safe. I plan on using it on dogs that chase me into the street. I'm contemplating putting a disclaimer on my FB page that goes something like this: "If you live in my city, and you have a dog that is not behind a fence, chained up, or inside your house, then you better believe that I will pepper spray the dog in the eyes if it comes out into the street while I'm trying to run. I'm only doing this to protect myself, so if you feel like I'm threatening you, then you should take a jog down the street and see how it feels when a big dog comes charging at you from nowhere." That should get the message across that I'm not going to use the pepper spray on some innocent dog and that I'm not out looking for trouble.

Well I signed up for the Loop the Lake 5K on June 26. Since there are no more runs in my area until November, I'm having to find some close enough to my home without me having to get up at 4:30 a.m. and drive there for an 8 a.m. race. I really wish this area would have more races.

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