Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Friday, it's Friday

My favorite day of the whole week is Friday. It begins the two days of the weekend which I get to spend time with my girls and my all-time favorite run of the week, long run.

I was suppose to do 5 miles yesterday but because the hubs was not feeling too well, I decided to cut it down to 3 miles. I wanted this to be a fast run, so I ran really fast (fast for me) for the first mile, slowed down on the second mile, and tried my hardest to pick it back up for the third mile. Then I collapsed in my driveway. True story. Once I had caught my breath I walked up and down the driveway for a few minutes and then went and got some water and K. She helps me stretch out after my runs. It is the cutest thing watching her try to do what I am doing. I love it.

I would never hurt a child, but with that said, if I was a mean person and was carrying my pepper spray yesterday, this little girl would have gotten blasted with a spray. Here's the story. I was running through my neighborhood minding my own business (honestly I was trying not to pass out) listening to music and just running. Well the first time I passed the girl she tried to race me, with her on her bike and me running. I just ignored her and went on with my run. The second lap, she saw me coming, went and turned around some down the street, aimed her bike directly at me and started pedaling toward me. Then when she got to me, she said "MOVE" Um excuse me but I was running here first, saw you go out of your way to try and hit me and then you say that. I'm not a mean person I swear but I did feel threatened yesterday and the pepper spray would have sure come in handy. What is up with mean children nowadays. Ughh!!!!!

Since we have a busy day tomorrow, I'm going to try and get up at 6:50 to start my 10 miles. I'm hoping to be back home by 8:30, hopefully sooner. I'm hoping to have a better experience this time with the 10 miles than I did a couple of weeks ago.

The hubs and I are taking the girls to A-Day. For those who are not in the know, this is Auburn's spring scrimmage game and for $5/person, you can sit anywhere in the stadium, watch your team show what they got, get pictures with the team afterwards and just spend some time with your family. We went last year for the first time and decided right then and there that this would become a family affair. I so can't wait.

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