Thursday, April 1, 2010

My one and only run with

a running stroller. Since yesterday I decided to squeeze 8 miles in, 4 miles in the morning and 4 miles that afternoon, I decided that I would take K on the run with me. I called my friend J. Lee and asked to borrow her running stroller. She has a running stroller but she doesn't run??? Anywho, she left her truck unlocked for me and said to get it whenever.

We pick up the stroller and head home. I tell the hubs that I'm taking K with me on my 4 miler and he pumped up the wheels on the stroller. I get all my gear ready and we walk down the driveway. I turn on my watch and off we go. We get .14 of a mile and the stroller starts jerking and poor K is being slung all around that running stroller. Duh, I forgot that I had put on the brakes to keep the stroller from rolling away from me. So I take the brakes off and we start again and I kid you not, again that stroller is throwing K all of the place. By this time I'm seriously thinking about taking her to the emergency room because she is sure to have Shaking Baby Syndrome after what she is going through.

So as we are turning around to head home, this awfully sweet neighbor asked, "Is everything alright?" Dang it, I've been spotted, so I say, "This is what happens when you borrow other people's things." and we try to get home shake-free.

The hubs takes a look at the stroller and finds that the turn system is in the locked position and that is causing the horrible shaking. So off K and I go again to try to get in 4 miles. I reset everything and we're off. The only thing about this running stroller is instead of using the turning thingy, I just hoist the darn thing on its back two wheels every time I need to turn. We make it to the two mile mark, stop to get some water and turn around and head home.

I know for a fact that I will never, ever use a running stroller again after that episode. K will be staying at home with her father from her on out until she gets old enough to run with me.

Here's the stats for the run. 4 miles (morning run) 36:13
4 miles (afternoon run) 39:20
for a total of 8 miles in 1:15:33 (I'm guessing, I'm not the world's best with time).

On my running agenda for Saturday 10 miles.

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