Saturday, April 3, 2010

My oh my do my calf muscles ache

because I attempted a 10-miler today but only was able to run 9. I did those 9 miles in 1:49. Not the best time but at least I got a my long run in.

On a better note, I got to use my new fuel belt and hand-held water bottle. The belt did not get in the way and stayed put. I really liked it and will probably use it on all runs, not matter what the distance. I really liked the convenience of having my cell phone with me. At 6 miles, I was able to text the hubs and get some inspiration to continue on. Even though I didn't complete the 10-miles, I was very grateful for having my cell phone with me so that I could call a friend (the hubs was at home with a sleeping K, you don't wake that beast when she's asleep) to come and rescue me at mile 9.

The water bottle was something that I'm definitely going to have to get use to. My hand sweated a lot more than it normally does with it on my hand, but having that water really helped me out on today's run.

I took my power aide gel at mile 5, but because my tummy was already bothering me, the gel didn't settle well either and I was only able to get a little bit down before I abandoned it completely.

After my run, K and I went to Walmart where I purchased compression socks. Let me tell you, my calf muscles and my heel really do feel a little bit better with these things on. I felt like an old person when I purchased them, but I'm sporting these things like their a new pair of heels. Awesome.

I hope everyone has a great Easter. I know my family is.

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