Monday, April 5, 2010


Well yesterday was Easter and the girls tore through the baskets like their life depended on it. They got tons of candy and K got a white bunny and C got a pink chickie. The bunny left a movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakal, at Me-mee's house, so all-in-all they had a great Easter.

I've always wondered how much fruit is just too much fruit and found out on Sunday morning. Saturday K had 3 bananas, 1 apple, and 6 pieces of pineapple. On Sunday she exploded, literally exploded. The hubs was already not feeling too well, so when that smell wafted into the living room, he sent K back to where I was. It was so terribly bad that I had to vacuum the bedrooms, give K a bath, have C take another shower, and the hubs had to sweep the hallways. I'm telling you, the girl literally exploded.

We went to church with my mom and stepdad and then headed out to stepdad's mom and dad's house for lunch and Easter Egg hunting. The girls both got $10 in their prize eggs, very grateful for that, and their pick of so much candy I'm amazed that both were able to sleep on the way home. Overall it was a really great Easter. Now I'm just ready to relax.

This week I'm in taper mode because of the 5K we have on Saturday. I plan on running 3 miles this afternoon with C. Since my ankle is still bothering me, I'm taking it slowly. Tuesday is spin, Wednesday I plan on getting up early and doing 5 miles on the treadmill at the gym, 5 miles Thursday, Friday morning I will do spin and then Saturday is the 5K. I'm really looking forward to PRing on this race. I'm hoping to have a time somewhere around the 25:30 or 25:00 time. Keep everything crossed that you can cross.

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