Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It was way too early

for me to be up this morning but I managed to drag my happy butt (I didn't say fat butt like I usually do because I'm just not feeling it today :)) and went to the gym. I hopped on the treadmill and immediately I wanted to hop back off but instead I hit the power button on my mp3 player and NOTHING. So I hit it again, and again, nothing. I stood there staring at my dumb mp3 player cursing the battery for dying. How dare it. So I threw it on the floor, hit the start button on the machine and cranked that baby up to 6.7 or 8:57 pace. I struggled through the two miles that I wanted to run at that pace and finally when the machine hit 2 miles, I dropped the pace down to 9:13. My legs were yelling "Thank you" and I ran this pace for a mile and when I hit the 3rd mile I bumped the machine back up to 8:57 for two laps and then bumped it up again to 6.8 mph for one lap and then 7.0 for the last lap. When all was said and done, I did 4 miles in 36:13. I shaved another 5 seconds off of my 4 miles. Yeah me. I limped around the gym (instead of walking on the treadmill to cool off, I do laps around the building, inside of course, until I start to feel my heart rate drop and I can actually have a conversation without gasping for air.)

In the car ride to school this morning I told C that I had ran 4 miles this morning and needed to run another 4 miles this afternoon. So she looked down at her lap, quickly calculating that I was planning 8 miles today. I asked if she wanted to run the 4 miles with me since I was not going to be running those miles at neck breaking speed. She said she'd think on it, but honestly she might be going to church with her granddaddy, so it all depends on if he calls or not. We'll see.

I only have two more work days for this week and then I'm off for a 3 day weekend. So exciting. On Friday, I'm taking the rugrats to school and daycare and then I'm off to get the goodies for the Easter baskets and then to get a full one-hour body massage. I've been needing this massage ever since the half marathon and I so can't wait. Friday cannot get here fast enough and then once 10 a.m. hits, all time can sllloooowwww way down.

Have a great day.

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