Monday, April 26, 2010

It's been purchased

On Friday I purchased the Garmin Forerunner 305. I'm so flippin excited about it. I'm hoping that even though the fedex website says its suppose to be here tomorrow, that it actually comes tomorrow or at least before Thursday. I want to try it out on a run before my 5k on Saturday. I would hate to go to a race using a new watch that I haven't been able to test before hand.

I'm also waiting on some Hammer Heed gels that I ordered last week to come. They are suppose to be here tomorrow also, so it's going to be Christmas in April for me this week with all the things I have coming.

I think I have made up my mind, 100%, to run in the Girl's Inc. half marathon in October in Panama City Beach, FL. I think it was ordering the watch that made me decide to order it. I talked with the hubs about it and even though its on a Saturday in October, I still think I'm only going to ask one person to come with me and have the hubs watch the girls Friday night and Saturday until I get back home. I really want to run another half marathon before the Snicker's Marathon in March next year.

On the training front, I've decided to go ahead and start using the 10-week training schedule for that. Once I complete that schedule I think I'm going to then go to the 16-week full marathon training schedule just to get some miles under my feet.

So for today's run, I'm only doing 3 miles, well let's hope I can do 3 miles. I managed to get SUNBURNED yesterday so it may be a tough 3 miles.

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