Friday, April 30, 2010

Hear rate monitors, miles, and pace

oh my. For yesterday's easy 3 miles, the hubs asked if I had used the heart rate monitor on Lil G. No of course I haven't, I'm still getting use to the watch. So we strap it on, let Lil G locate the monitor, she finally finds her satellites and we are off.

Now I'm not use to running with something strapped around my chest so for the first mile I noticed it but after I got into my running grove I honestly forgot that the monitor was even there. It felt like part of my sports bra.

I'll post a link tonight of what my heart rate looked like on 3 miles, I'm at work typing this blog so I don't have all the information.

Tomorrow I have a 5K race. It's in Americus, about 30 minutes from my house, so I'm planning on leaving the house around 6:50 or so to get there in plenty of time to get all my goodies, get warmed up, and go. I'm hoping to have my splits and times from Lil G (hopefully I programmed it correctly to do it).

On other nonrunning news, we are playing a HUGE game of Texas Holdem' this weekend. I'm super excited because it looks like there is going to be quite a number of people to show up which means I'll be able to win TONS AND TONS of money. Not really tons because its a $10 buy-in with a $5 rebuy before chip up. All-in-all I'm just looking forward to a night with good friends and tons of laughing. We laugh so hard when we all get together.

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